Knots 3D 3.2.6 - Android

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Knots 3D 3.2.6 - Android

Knots 3D 3.2.6 - Android

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Knots 3D Tie, untie and rotate 85 knots with your finger in 3D
Our top-rated 3D knot app, will give you a whole new perspective on knots Grab a piece of rope and have fun
1 Knot Reference in 75 Countries*
Included in Scouting Magazines Ultimate List of Scouting Apps and featured in the Trek Tech section of the Sep/Oct 2012 issue.

Have you ever wondered what a knot looks like rotated 40 or maybe 90? Or maybe you want to see what a Trilene knot or Constrictor knot looks like from the back? Use your finger to spin the knot and see how it looks from any angle in 3D

Choose from 87 different knots and see how theyre tied in incredible detail. Watch the knot draw itself and pause the animation to see where the virtual rope goes in and out and around. (Something about a rabbit and a hole and a tree right? ) Zoom in on the knot to get a closer look or flip it around for another perspective. Can your old school knot app do that?

Product Features and Functions

Learn to tie 87 unique knots

Localized for: English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

Browse knots by category, type, favorites or view the entire library

Watch knots tie themselves and pause or adjust the speed of the animation at any time

Rotate knots in 360 degree, 3D views to study them from any angle

Zoom in on a knot to see it in greater detail

Interact with the knot on screen via mult-touch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom and swipe to tie/untie.

Completely self contained No internet or special install permissions required.

Installable to SD Card

Each 3D knot has detailed information including tying pointers, strength and reliability, structural info, and Ashley reference numbers (ABoK) and occasionally the history behind the knot. Knots are listed with their common synonyms or localized equivalents.

The knots are arranged by both Category (Boating, Climbing, Fishing, Scouting, etc) and Type (Bend, Loop, Stopper, etc). If you find a knot you like or want to come back to later, add it to your Favorites list for quick reference.


Knots 3D includes 87 Knots with common ones such as the Bowline and Sheet Bend along with more complicated knots such as the Monkeys Fist and Jury Mast Knot. The entire list of knots can be found here:


Great App

I really like this app, I have 4 knot apps, and I use this one the most. As a firefighter rope skills is a must and this app helps keep me knot prepared. The zoom and step through the knot using a finger gestures is real handy. The author updates this app with new knots often. I recommend this app.

Very Useful

Great guide for knot how tos. 3D ability puts it to the top compared to others. Nice job devs.

Nicely Done

This app is really nicely done. I actually dont have much need to learn or use knots, but I am so impressed with the presentation in this app that it motivates me to want to learn them, just so I can use it. Good job

As per on 9/11/2012

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Fast Download "Knots 3D 3.2.6 - Android"
Knots 3D 3.2.6 - Android Download with ower 4000 Kb/s download speed!

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